Places of Interest

Clarens is filled with quaint homes built way back in early 1900s. The Clarens Town Square is populated with a variety of interesting places such as eateries, fine art galleries, craft stalls, and gift and curio shops. It’s also located near the Golden Gate Highlands National Park that is known for dinosaur fossils.

Recreational Activities & Yummy Eateries

  • Take the Dinosaur Tour at the Golden Gate Highlands National Park
  • Visit the Clarens Brewery for hand crafted beers and ciders
  • Go horseriding and game viewing while on horseback
  • Enjoy a quad biking trail through the town
  • Shop for a range of homemade preserves from the Purple Onion
  • Experience rafting, abseiling, archery or paintball at Clarens Xtreme
  • Explore the Wine and Art Gallery
  • View watercolour landscapes at the Enslin Vorster studio Gallery
  • Bring your kids to the child-friendly Artist’s Cafe restaurant
  • Eat at the Highlander Restaurant, known for their deliciously wide menu
Get a taste of a quaint town with plenty of thrills to offer ‒ Visit Clarens, Free State.